International Enogastronomy

3 ECTS (one week)


Course fee

600 EUR

Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, IBAN: HR1323600001101496052, SWIFT: ZABAHR2X, Reference number: 219
Purpose/Description of payment: SUMMER 2022, NAME & SURNAME 

Minimum number of participants


The course objective

  • provide students knowledge of gastronomy and wine-growing areas through the introduction of the fundamental characteristics of individual European and world cuisines and wines,
  • enable students to properly serving wine and to familiarize them with the specifics of new trends in international enogastronomy that is fast-growing and is very important in the process of creating complete customer satisfaction.


  • present characteristics of european and world cuisines through their gastronomic offer,
  • get to know the characteristics and identity of croatian gastronomy and wine regions,
  • make attendants familiar with wine serving and wine tasting technique,
  • tips for pairing food &wine.
Day 1 3 hoursWelcome
Introductory presentation of the course (objectives, methods, and schedule
of activities)
Introducing gastronomy
The status of gastronomy in society
The development of gastronomy in Europe
Gastronomic offer of european and world cuisines
 Day 2 4 hoursPresentation of the project assignment – Wine tasting technique
How to become a sommelier?
Wine serving and wine tasting technique
 Day 3 6 hoursA guiding tour – Rijeka
Presenting open market (diary, meat and fish pavilion)
Visiting fish restaurant (lunch break): Mediterranean cuisine from Croatian perspective
 Day 45 hours A harmonious union – food and wine
Traditional gastronomy and wine regions of Croatia
Final exam
Students’ presentations
 Day 5 12 hoursField trip (wine tasting in Poreč and Motovun)

Manner of instruction

  • Lectures in the classroom
  • Field classes

Course holder

  • Krešimir Mikinac, Ph.D.,  Assistant Professor, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Croatia


  • Alenka Šuljić Petrc, PhD., Lecturer, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Croatia
  • Franko Lukež, Croatian Sommelier Club
  • Josip Orišković, Dvorac Belaj winery

Krešimir Mikinac, Ph.D., Course holder, 

Ažurirano 04.11.2022.

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