Sport Management in Tourism

3 ECTS (one week)


Course fee

600 EUR


Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, IBAN: HR1323600001101496052, SWIFT: ZABAHR2X, Reference number: 215
Purpose/Description of payment: SUMMER 2022, NAME & SURNAME

Minimum number of participants


The course objective

The objective of the course is to explain to students the role and importance of sports and sports activities in tourism so that they can design and develop an appropriate project proposal that will offer a compelling sport-tourism experience to tourists. 


  • Sport & Tourism
  • Sport Events
  • Experience Economy in Sports Tourism
  • Business Models for Sports Tourism
  • Designing Innovative Sport Tourism Product
 Day 1 5 hoursWelcome
Introductory presentation of the course (objectives, methods, and schedule of activities).
Definition of sport and sport recreation.
Tourism and sport in the Republic of Croatia.
Definition, principles and functions of sports management.
Financing sports.
Consultancy work.
Day 2 5 hoursField work (Opatija/Ičići/Mošćenička draga, Liburnia Riviera Hotels).
The relationship between sport and tourism.
Sports activities in tourism.
Presentation of the project assignment.
Consultancy work.
Day 3 10 hoursField work (Medulin, Istria)
Types of sports tourism and sports tourists.
Experience economy in sports tourism.
Business models for sports tourism.
Management of sports facilities.
Sport event management.
Consultancy work.
Day 4 5 hoursThe impacts of sports tourism (economic and others).
Sport (&) tourism, development and regeneration.
Writing your story: Project assignments.
Consultancy work.
Day 5 5 hoursWriting your story: Project assignments.
Consultancy work.
Final exam.
Students’ presentations

Manner of instruction

  • Lectures in the classroom
  • Field classes
  • Guided and independent learning by discovery

Course holder

  • Marko Perić, Ph.D., Full Professor, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Croatia


  • Nicholas Wise, Ph.D., Assistant Professor (Course co-holder) (Arizona State University), USA
  • Sanela Škorić, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Kinesiology, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Vanja Vitezić, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Rijeka, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Croatia
  • Alex Crevar, travel journalist, tourism consultant, regular contributor to The New York Times, National Geographic Travel, Lonely Planet, and Adventure Cyclist magazine, USA
  • Igor Radiković, Head of Sport, Entertainment & Activity Liburnia Riviera Hotels, Croatia
  • Andrea Petrić, Sport & Entertainment Manager, Arena Hospitality Group, Croatia

Marko Perić, Ph.D., Course holder,

Ažurirano 04.11.2022.

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